Lab Safety Rules

Lab Safety Rules


1. Don’t Do Dumb Things

2. Wear closed toed shoes.

3. Tie back long hair and secure loose clothing.

4. Wear safety glasses/goggles, wear gloves when needed.

5. Know emergency procedures and equipment.


7. Never handle lab equipment without permission or  supervision

8. Read all directions and labels carefully

9. Follow directions.  Do not skip steps.

10. Report broken equipment to the teacher.

11. Never leave your experiment unattended.

12. Never eat or drink during a lab or out of lab equipment.

13. Never taste or smell an experiment or chemicals unless told to do so.

14. Keep your area clean & clean up when you are finished.

15. Wash hands before and after experiments.
16. Never heat a closed container.
17. Face test tubes AWAY from your face or the face of others.

18. Use Caution!