More LS 11 Notes

More LS 11 Notes

 1.  Resources that are not replaced as they are used, such as natural gas, coal and oil (petroleum) are _________________________ resources.

2.  Burning coal can cause a harmful change to the environment known as _________________________.

3.  Trees are an example of a(n) _________________________because they can be naturally replaced as they are used.  (Biomass = trees, crops, methane)

4.  Individual differences among the genes of the organisms in a population make up the gene________________________ of the species.

5. A good environmental proposal’s short-term costs should be outweighed by its long-term _________________________ both economically and environmentally.

6.  To help balance different viewpoints on an issue, decision makers weigh the _____________________________and benefits of a proposal.

7.  A species that influences the survival of many other species in an ecosystem is called a(n) _________________________ species.

8.  A diverse pool of _________________________helps ensure that individuals in a species will pass a variety of traits to their offspring.

9.  The Endangered Species Act of 1973 is an example of a(n) _________________________approach to protecting individual species. 

10. The process of __________________ _______________________can result in extinction by breaking habitats into smaller, isolated pieces.

11.  A ____________________ _______________ is a regular amount of a renewable resource that can be harvested without reducing the future supply.

12. An area with a large population of ocean organisms is called a(n) _________________________.

13. One way fishing can be managed is through ________________________, the practice of raising fish for food.

14. The factor that probably accounts for the great biodiversity in coral reefs is their diversity of _________________________.

15.  Earth’s most diverse land ecosystems are tropical _________________________and the most biodiverse aquatic ecosystems are  ___________ ________________.

16.  Wildlife tourism, or “ecotourism”, is an example of the _________________________ value of biodiversity. Biodiversity has environmental value as well.

18.  Setting aside a marsh as a wildlife refuge is an example of the ­ ______________   __________________ approach to protecting biodiversity.

19.  The illegal hunting or removal of wildlife species is called _________________________.

20. _____________________________breeding programs protect biodiversity by mating animals in zoos or wildlife preserves.

21.  _______________________ issues must be addressed at the personal, local, national and global levels.

22.   A species in danger of becoming ___________________ in the near future is referred to as an endangered species.

23.  ____________   ________________ usually leads to greater changes in the forest ecosystem than selective cutting.  This removes all trees from the area.

24.  Fish are renewable resources as long as the fish breed at a __________________ rate than they are   caught.

25.  In general, warmer climates contain a _______________________number of different species than       cooler climates.

26.  The major cause of extinction is _______________________   ___________________________.

27. Within an ecosystem, biodiversity __________________________ as the size of the area increases.

28. Hatching baby green turtles in a laboratory is an example of the __________________ _____________method of protecting endangered species.

29. In Guam, snakes can be considered a(n) __________________ species because they were accidentally introduced into the ecosystem.  Sometimes these invasive species are introduced on purpose (such as kudzu).

30.  The three main _________________________ concerns are: resource use, pollution and habitat destruction.