PS Ch 3 vocab with answers

Chapter 3

Name                                                                                                Period








Anything that has matter and takes up space





A single kind of matter that is pure and has a specific set of properties


Chemical Property



A characteristic if a substance that describes its ability to change into different substances


Physical Property



A characteristic if a substance that can be observed without changing it into another substance






A pure substance that cannot be broken down into other substances by chemical or physical means.






The basic particle from which all elements are made; the smallest particle of an element that has the properties if that element


Chemical Bond



The force of attraction that holds 2 atoms together





A neutral group of two or more atoms held together by covalent bonds






A substance made of 2 or more elements chemically combined in a specific ratio, or proportion


Chemical Formula



Symbols that show the elements in a compound and the ratio of atoms






2 or more substances that are together in the same place but their atoms are not chemically bonded


Physical Change



A change that alters the form or appearance of a material but does not make the material into another substance


Chemical Change



A change in which one or more substances combine or break apart to form new substances


Law of Conservation of Mass


The principle that the total amount of matter is neither created nor destroyed during any physical or chemical change






How hot or cold something is; a measure of the average energy of motion of the particles of a substance; the measure of the avg. kinetic energy of the particles of a substance


Thermal Energy




The total kinetic and potential energy of all the particles of an object


Endothermic Change



A change in which energy is absorbed


Exothermic Change



A change in which energy is released


Chemical Energy



A form of potential energy that is stored in the chemical bonds between atoms