Steps of the Scientific Method



Purple Rats Hate Eating Apples Cold or Purple Rats Hate Eating Apples Cobbler


Step 1

  • State the Question
  • Identify the problem
  • How will ____ affect _______?
  • What is the effect of ______ on ______?


Step 2

  • Collect Information
  • Research the problem
  • Use the internet, read books, ask experts, get advice, make observations and/or watch the news.


Step 3


  • Forma Hypothesis
  • Make an educated guess
  • If _________, then _________.


Step 4

  • Test Your Hypothesis
  • Plan and conduct an experiment
  • Write your procedures (organized process used to test your hypothesis.Follow your steps in order.


Step 5

  • Data
  • Observe, record and then analyze.
  • You can take/draw pictures, make charts, tables and/or graphs, take metric measurements, or write summary/journal entries.


Step 6

  • State/Arrive at a Conclusion
  • Your Hypothesis is either supported or not supported.Your opinions are never wrong.