Selena Watley

Welcome to Mrs. Watley's
8th Grade English Class


Welcome to eighth grade English! This is my tenth year teaching English here at ACMS. I am an Amelia County High School graduate and a graduate of Longwood University. I live here in Amelia with my husband and two children. I have a passion for reading and thoroughly enjoy sharing that with each of my students.


The eighth-grade student will learn and apply interviewing techniques developing and delivering oral presentations in groups and individually. The student will demonstrate correct use of language, spelling, and mechanics by applying grammatical conventions in writing and speaking. Students will evaluate, analyze, develop, and produce media messages. The student will plan, draft, revise, and edit writing, with emphasis on exposition and persuasion. The student will apply reading and writing skills in all subjects, as well as respond critically to literature. The student will continue development of vocabulary, with attention to connotations and figurative language. The student will continue to develop an appreciation for literary genres through a study of a wide variety of selections. The student will describe themes, make inferences, interpret cause and effect relationships, differentiate between fact and opinion, and draw conclusions from a variety of texts.


Parent/Teacher Communication


I feel that it is very important to have open lines of communication between myself and parents. There are multiple ways to contact me in regards to any questions or concerns you may have throughout the year. Email:, text: using the REMIND APP @swatley to the number 81010, or calling the school and leaving a message: 804-561-4422. 


 Course Materials

Unfortunately the 8th grade English teachers are new to the grade level this year. We did not make the supply list and we are asking for a few additional supplies. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you are unable to accommodate these changes please let me know and I will assist.

  • 3 inch binder (NOT required but may be used)
  • Six dividers (NOT required but may be used)
  • Blue or black ink pens
  • Yellow highlighters
  • Sticky notes
  • Red pens
  • Loose-leaf paper
  • Flash drive
  • 1-3 subject notebook
  • 1-5 subject notebook
  • Colored pencils


Grading Policy

100-90=      A                                 Tests =            30%

89-80=        B                                 Quizzes =        25%

79-70=        C                                 Classwork =     20%

69-60=        D                                 Homework =    10%

59-Below=    F                                Portfolio=        15%


Make-Up Work & Homework Policy


Please see the ACPS handbook for the make-up work policy.  Please know that I will enter a zero into the PowerSchool to serve as a reminder for the student to get the missed work made up; it is not intended to stay there.  I am flexible and as long as the communication is open, I am sure we can arrange a time that works for both the student and me.

Students will study for quizzes and tests and may need to finish a paper on their own time, but I will not be assigning written homework.  Students are to read 20 minutes a day for a total of 100 minutes a week.  The weekly reading log will be collected on Fridays and a new one supplied that same day.  This will count as 15% of the marking period grade.


Discipline Procedures


  1. Reminder and discussion of the expectation
  2. Warning
  3. Yellow card & lunch detention
  4. Red Card & ACS (alternative classroom setting)
  5. Office referral


Students will show P.R.I.D.E in their English class and throughout all of ACMS each and every day. Students are expected to be proactive, be respectful, show integrity, be dependable, and show excellence.


When students make good choices they will receive rewards and incentives for those actions. Students may earn PRIDE tickets that can be traded in for free time or homework passes, or raffle tickets that could earn them a variety of prizes or incentives.






2 -call or note home

3-silent lunch

4-office referral


Wish List



Lysol Wipes

Expo Markers